Three GMing links, three completely different topics:

Young Person’s Adventure League: Bill Walton, who runs The Escapist, has updated the YPAL with The Tinkerer’s Toolbox, a collection of resources for GMing for kids, and The Navigator’s Notebook, which features convention reports about running Toon and Faery’s Tale for kids at Origins 2007. If you have kids and want to game with them, YPAL is a great resource.

Robin Laws on Callbacks: “In screenwriting parlance, the act of including a story element to be referred to later is called laying pipe. When you do make that connecting reference, you’re making a callback.” Robin goes on to recommend that GMs encourage their players to make callbacks during play — something that’s easy to overlook yourself when running a game — which sounds like an excellent practice. Very nifty.

Georgios’ GM Types: Along the same lines as Robin Laws’s player types, GameCraft member Georgios lays out seven GM types: Worldbuilder, Duelist, Plotmeister, Master of Ceremonies, Actor, Director and Provider. I’d argue that all GMs should use the Provider as a baseline — when your players have fun, so will you, and that consideration should inform every GMing decision you make.