Day 5 of the Blogging for GMs project is our best so far, with 4 posts from RPG bloggers.

Things are starting to heat up — which is great! Here are today’s Blogging for GMs links.

Jukka Koskelin makes a second contribution with If characters have shared history, create it.
Shane Garvey has also written his second post for the project, 20 Memorable Dungeons.
Jonas Karlsson contributed Trust your players.
Scott M. offered up D&D die rolls: When and why.

I quite liked Jukka’s and Shane’s first entries for this project, and I’m glad they decided to contribute again. Jukka’s post makes some interesting suggestions about enriching PCs through shared background elements, while Shane’s presents 20 dungeon traits/concepts to get your creative juices flowing.

In his post, Jonas offers an important piece of advice — trust your players — and discusses railroading in the process. And Scott offers some useful timesaving advice about rolling dice (and when to skip die rolls entirely) for D&D GMs. Thanks, Jonas and Scott!

Do you know someone who might be interested in writing a post for the Blogging for GMs project? If so, point them to the guidelines — the more people that we can get involved, the better this project will be!