fridayThanksgiving day is over. The fried turkey didn’t burn my house down or even singe me (actually, it was pretty danged tasty), so instead of some amateurish video of me running around, panicking like a sorority girl in a horror movie, you get this very-incomplete list of RPG-related sales.

“Stay home? But it’s Black Friday!”

Yes, stay home. (And get out of my article.) Stock up on gifts for your GM; they like that kind of stuff, and might kill your character last.

Instead of standing in some ‘big box’ store in the wee hours, wondering if the idiot customer ahead of you taking far too long to make a decision is an Occupy plant or really just a clueless douchebag, check out some of these deals (in no particular order):

  • Kirin Robinson’s “Old School Hack” is free, as of last week’s DriveThruRPG newsletter. Get it before it costs money!
  • RuneQuest and Glorantha are going out of print at the end of the month, and the prices (and reviews) are pretty danged good.
  • 30% off at RPG Shop’s Holiday Clearance Sale section.
  • Check out DriveThruRPG’s sales page at least every day for some cool bargains, as they’ll be switching ‘em up on you.
  • Noble Knight Games is running a super fall sale through Monday, and is going in my bookmarks under ‘RPGs — out of print’.
  • Paizo’s On Sale Now page has too much to detail here. But $10 towards shipping for orders over $100 is a good start.
  • Tabletop Adventures’ Overlord and his consort both have birthdays in this illustrious month; in celebration or tribute (or maybe profit-slashing sabotage), his minions are having a 20% off sale. Check out the titles in-depth, and you might find a Gnome or two…
  • Your Games Now not only has a sale page, but a page of free stuff.  That’s right, FREE!
  • Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale includes quite a bit of their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition stuff, along with quite a collection of war, card, and board games. (The Confrontation minis work just fine with most RPGs.)
  • Beautiful Brains Books & Games has free shipping from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, along with a discount code and a “Minions of the Brain” customer loyalty program.
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Gaming Shop. They may or may not have any sales this weekend, but it’d be a great time to drop by and get some gift ideas for your players, your friends, or even yourself.

Did I miss anyone? If you know of a good sale, sound off in the comments section and and let us know!