Happy Black Friday!

Doesn’t sound so cheery, does it? Well, whatever the origins of the phrase, here in the USA, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when it is the patriotic duty of all Americans to rush to a retail establishment and buy something, anything. Sometimes as early as midnight, for those of you without a life.

(Yeah, that’s right. A gamer just said you need to get a life. Stings, don’t it?)

Here at Gnome Stew, we don’t care about $197 laptops or $78 Blu-Ray players. We care about gaming. Your gaming. And maybe just a bit about your sister. (Did I just say that out loud?)

Ahem. Where was I? Gaming, that’s right…

Topping our very incomplete list of RPG goodies on sale is Adamant Entertainment. Just about every PDF they publish is on sale for one measly dollar over at RPGNow. And I shouldn’t mention that a dollar isn’t what it used to be, so that’s doubly cheap. (Shop now; the sale ends Monday.)

Did I mention RPGNow? Here’s the current list of FREE STUFF!! You don’t even have to buy anything because it’s FREE! While you’re there, shop around a bit; there’s plenty on sale this weekend as well.

Sister site DriveThruRPG has quite a few things on sale. I could tell you all about it, or I could just provide you with this link to their latest newsletter. (Yes, it looks remarkably similar to RPGNow’s newsletter. It’s like they’re one book shelf.)

I’d be very remiss if I didn’t mention Tabletop Adventures’ Grand Sale of Distraction. 20% off every electronic product through the end of the month.

Paizo has too many products on sale for my tryptophan-addled brain to filter through. Just go there and check ‘em out.  (Ooh, half-off Goodman Games print books! And a Gamer Stimulus Package! I sure hope it’s cheaper than the non-gamer version!)

Not a whole lot of RPG material here, but Fantasy Flight Games is having a nifty sale on cards, minis, and board games.

Chick-lit” seems to have infiltrated Overstock.com’s RPG section, but there are some pretty good deals for those with high Perception, Spot, or Notice rolls. Pick your poison.

Finally, my favorite: the Arkeg. What more could a man want? (Okay, a mistletoe belt buckle, but that’s not going to be easy to explain to my daughter now, is it?)

Did I miss a sale? Find a great deal somewhere? Sound off in the comments and let us know!