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John Fredericks

In the early 1980's, John was given the Moldvay Red Box set as a birthday gift. The Blue Expert set soon followed and the mania has yet to subside. Over the years, he has played and GMed various flavors of D&D, Star Trek, Star Wars and the odd superhero game. Most of his recent GMing has been online using virtual tabletops. While not a current photo, John assures you that he has never looked better. Sad, but true. He is the sole proprieter of Sharp Mountain Games on

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Letters from Home

Today’s guest article is by John Fredericks, and it’s a unique idea we’ve never discussed here before. Thanks, John! Introduction All GMs long for player investment in their characters and in the campaign world. As GMs, we’re often (very) caught up in the planning and running of the game....

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Gaming With the Very Young

Today’s guest article was written by Gnome Stew reader John Fredericks, and it tackles the topic of gaming with kids as young as four years old. Thanks, John! As parents we all hope to pass on our interests to our children. Whether it is sports, music, art, or gaming,...

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In a Timely Fashion

Today’s guest article was written by John Fredericks, and addresses a topic every GM bumps up against periodically: time, and not having enough of it to do everything you want to do during a session. Thanks, John! Ever played in a session that just would not end? Maybe the...

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