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Patrick was born in 1975, and is more or less your typical American male for someone of his age. Except he is a tabletop RPG gamer and a damn fine game master! What else matters?

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Driver’s Education

It is no shock that some drivers are observing traffic and some drivers are focused on their own objectives. The ones who observe traffic are cooperative in the sense that they are working with others to prevent problems in order to get what they want, and the drivers who...

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Hot Button: Tragic Twists of Fate

Back in May I shared how my gaming hobby was impacted by my being laid-off from my former job of 13 years. I am happy to let all of you know that I have a new position, and that it is both more challenging and better paying than my...

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Take a Risk, or Take a Pass

If you want to be a great GM you must risk your current game being a failure over and over again. You need to take risks in order to get rewards. Rewards do not come to the people who do the safe and sure thing. People who do the...

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Story Mashups for Improvising

Sometimes you have to wing it, but the secret to improvising is that you have a set of plans and formulas that you can follow whenever you need to do so. This is a trick that I have used when a plot is not capturing my players’ attention, or...

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Deadlines, Purpose, & Goals

Over the next few months I will be sharing with you the process of one of my campaigns in the occasional article. This is the first of that series of articles, and it deals with getting the overall scope of the campaign in order before focusing on the more granular...

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The 1-2-3 One-Shot Framework

Are you planning a one-shot session for a convention game, or perhaps as a break from your regular campaign? Here is an easy to remember framework that you can start with to prepare a four hour game. 1 – The Villain You need a villain, and since this is...

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