D&D 4th Edition blog At Will recently interviewed several of the gnomes — DNAphil, Matthew, myself, Patrick, Scott and Telas — for their d12 Interviews series, and that interview has been posted today: d12 Interviews: Gnome Stew.

The focus of the interview is on D&D 4e, and the hook, of course, is that we were asked 12 questions. We’re all felt hats and hot air, so naturally we had a great time answering them. We also couldn’t be happier joining the series after Levi Kornelson of Amagi Games and Phil of Musings of the Chatty DM fame — that’s excellent company to keep.

Thanks to At Will for interviewing us — it’s a clever format, and you asked some great questions.

Want to read some gnomish pontificatin’? Throw another gnome on the barbie and read the interview.