To celebrate opening preorders for our book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters (now available as a PDF, DRM-free and fully bookmarked and hyperlinked, for $16.95), we held a dice contest that ended last week.

The goal was to be the reader who came the closest to guessing the total of a roll of 1,414 dice (which I made on camera, viewable here) without going over.

The lucky/math-savant winner would take home this pair of custom-made, metal-inlaid dice, handcrafted by Dicecreator:

The winner was close. Like, insanely close. And that lucky winner was Gnome Stew reader manicrobot, with his guess of 6,874.

The actual total was 6,881 — manicrobot was off by seven. Seven! Congratulations, manicrobot!

Including the weirdo dice that don’t have numbers on them, the final result was: 6,881 + 10 blanks + “G” + a chest critical hit + yellow square + blue dot + three stars + the directions SW and E + emoticons oo 😐 😐 <:-)> <:( + 6./x + Superman + D'oh (x2) + closed door in the dungeon + magnifying glass + elf + a Jack and Queen. Which is one hell of a roll no matter how thin you slice it. Thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who preordered the Eureka print + PDF bundle, and everyone who has snagged the PDF -- you rock!