Gnome Stew is happy to announce the winners of our recent contest. But first, let me tell you about my character…

Flandag is a wizard, but not just ANY wizard — the greatest wizard who ever lived. He is centuries old, and has a magical horse named Shadowemail. His most powerful spell, oddly enough, is Light, or maybe Telekinesis. Either way, he’s badass.

Flandag travels with a friend — a Tibboh, kind of like a halfling — named Bingo. (I was originally thinking of naming him Bilbo — boy did I dodge a bullet there! *) I plan on having them save the world by not using the most powerful magic item ever created. I am literally awestruck by my originality — can you believe that Flandag just came to me? I can’t. I mean, BAM — just like that.

Just kidding, of course — I just needed to fill up enough space to keep the winner’s names from showing up on the front page of the site. (* For the record, Bilbo was originally named Bingo; Tolkien — thankfully — changed his mind.)

Dice Set Winners

Courtesy of Game Master Dice, two dice sets will shortly be winging their way to…

Gold Marble Dice Set: Gnome Stew reader BlueDress! Congrats, BlueDress — some saucy dice will be headed your way.

Gold Glitter Dice Set: The Flame Beneath the Ice! Congratulations to Flame, and enjoy your dice.

Custom Gnome Stew Dice Bag Winner

It was awesome to see how all over the map folks were on this one. The lowest guess was 202 (from brcarl), the highest was 4,234 (from Tallarn). There were, in fact, 1,687 dice in that picture.

The Winner: With thanks to Marsbarn Designs, we’re pleased to announce the winner of the custom Gnome Stew dice bag: TheEmrys, with an amazingly accurate guess of 1,654 dice — just 33 under!

Dice winners BlueDress and The Flame Beneath the Ice, I’ve sent out your email info to the fellow who’s handling your prizes. He’ll get in touch with you directly for more details. TheEmrys, I’ve emailed you requesting your mailing address.

Our thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you had fun with this contest!