My crystal ball tells me you need…more gaming blogs to read…or…more players. Either way, I’ve got you covered:

Game On: Aleph Gaming: TT reader Aleph recently started a gaming blog with a twist: He covers a different aspect of gaming each weekday, from video games to GMing advice. In the GMing tips department, check out Everyone Should Run a Diceless Session, Picking Up On Player Cues and Expectations and yesterday’s Personal Rules for Narrating.

RPG Theory Review: Online since January 2006, RPG Theory Review has two goals:

To provide impartial, approachable, and informative reporting on current public advancements in the field of RPG theory.

To provide the RPG theory community with perspective and continuity in their work.

Mendel and Matthew, the authors, are performing a nifty service with this blog. There are tons of gamers talking about RPG theory in different places, and the roundup and review format is a good way to keep track of them.

NearbyGamers: Why I am I pimping NearbyGamers again? Because a few weeks back, it worked for my group. A local gamer contacted me via NBG, and he joined our group shortly thereafter. Most player matching sites suck in one way or another; NearbyGamers gets it right.