When we upgraded Gnome Stew from shared web hosting to a virtual private server a few days back, our hosting costs went from $0 to $34 a month. This is absolutely worth it to us, as it means that the site will load quickly and work properly for our readers.

Most months, we can cover that amount through the advertising space that we sell here on the Stew; we also have some capital on hand to cover lean advertising months. That said, we’d love your help in making sure we can continue to pay for the new server (and provide contest prizes, cover other costs, etc.), and we don’t want to ask for donations.

If you’d like to support the Stew financially, apart from buying our books you can use the new affiliate links in the sidebar, which I’ve duplicated here:


It’s easy: Click on the link, just buy whatever you were planning to buy, and Gnome Stew earns a small percentage — with no cost to you. We also don’t know who you are, just what someone bought. (Update: Gnome Stew reader Zig pointed out that you can also bookmark/favorite either link to save yourself a step. Thanks, Zig!)

So if you click the Amazon link and buy a stuffed panda, a bar of soap, the D&D 4th Edition PHB, and six dildos, we get a little piece of the action. Same with DriveThru, except to the best of my knowledge they only sell PDFs.

You can do this as often as you like, from whenever you think of it to every single time you shop on Amazon or DTRPG, and we’ll be credited.

We have a couple of other ideas in the wings as well (including an excellent reader suggestion to include Amazon.ca and .co.uk), but I wanted to put this out there now.

Thank you for your support!