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Gnomecast #86 – Best and Worst

Join Chuck, Jared, and John for a discussion about their best and worst gaming experiences on both sides of the GM screen. Have these gnomes learned enough from their experiences to keep out of the stew? Download: Gnomecast #86 – Best and Worst Follow Chuck at @InnocuousChuck on Twitter....

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Returning to Olympia in Style w/Agon

As at least 2,661 of you from the Kickstarter might have heard, but Agon is coming out sometime in April! In case some of you are wondering just what Agon is: “Agon is a game of fast-paced heroic adventure inspired by ancient legends,” or at least by how the super successful...

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Descent into Midnight First Look

Games that use the framework originally established by Apocalypse World have often been praised for their ability to model existing genres, due to the ability of the rules to heavily customize results to the narrative. Because the building blocks of most games that have descended from Apocalypse...

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Infinite Galaxies Review

Space Opera is one of the earliest genres to enter the roleplaying game space, along with fantasy and cosmic horror. While it’s never quite broken through to the same popularity, space opera is always out there, on the fringes of imagination, waiting to go where no campaign has gone before....

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GM Currencies and Building Trust

I’ve seen some recent discussion online regarding rules that constrain and inform how game moderators modify ongoing narratives in games, and this made me think about why I like GM currencies. In many cases, these narrative changing rules default back to some kind of GM currency, either by...

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The Height of Annoyance

One of my regular groups has been playing a modern paranormal game using Savage Worlds. It’s a mash up of the Dresden Files along with a little bit of the World of Darkness, but with our own spin on the setting. Our eclectic group of supernatural folk include a nervous changeling fae, a rich...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: Intrusion of the Fantastic

Gamers, such as I, who are devoted to Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop experiences, are all about big, showy magic. It’s all about fireballs and magical webs and dazzling color sprays.  And if the spells in the main player’s handbooks aren’t enough, there are...

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Destroying Clever Maps

In the early days of published adventures, quite a few dungeon features were used in a clever* manner to add confusion to the mix. This confusion was largely placed on the shoulders of the players, especially those that tried to create a player map to track where the party had been and where they...

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