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Don’t Just Stop; Finish

Find your session zero notes. Share6Tweet5Reddit1Email There’s almost nothing better in the RPG world than getting a proper ending to a campaign’s storyline. It could have been something you’ve really focused on for only a few months, or it could have been a marathon-style...

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Exploring Eberron Review

I was late jumping on board for Eberron. When 3e Dungeons & Dragons was in full swing, I was busy picking up all of the Forgotten Realms and main product line books, and I couldn’t make any room for a new campaign setting. In fourth edition, I took a look at the setting, in part to see how...

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Shortcuts to a Campaign’s End

There are times when a campaign gets long in the tooth. While the game play might still be enjoyable, there are times when the players and/or GM will get the urge to move on to the next campaign, the next system, or the next idea. It’s a natural progression of things, so if you’re...

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Feeling Seen in Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall

I never thought I’d ever see “Bob’s Burgers” and jiangshi ever be referenced in the same document, but life has a way of throwing surprises at you. Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall is a new game up for Kickstarting (follow the link here) until August 14th and it promises...

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Di’s 7 Swords of TRPG Design

Hello and welcome to “Di’s 7 Swords of TRPG Design,” a highly egotistic [proclamation] on Tabletop RPG design and gamemastery. What I mean by this is that I plan to declare my views and opinions on what I believe makes a good game — be it from the design angle or the gamemastery...

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Quest Review

The review that I’m writing today came about somewhat out of the blue. When people started discussing alternatives to Dungeons and Dragons, one game was mentioned a lot. Quest is a game about playing archetypal characters in fantasy adventures, with simple rules and a clear variety of options....

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Finding My Lost Creativity

Just a warning. This post is a bit less structured than my normal posts and is a bit more stream of consciousness. This topic is something that has been on my mind for a while but not something I have a fix for, so I cannot lay out a structured approach of problem and solution. Rather, today I am...

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