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Fantastic Lairs First Look

James Introcaso recently reached out to me to ask if I wanted to take a look at the upcoming Fantastic Lairs product coming to Kickstarter. This is a 5e OGL product that is a collection of climactic encounters and boss fights...

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Gnomecast #93 – A Visit to Eberron

Join Ang, Jared, and John for a discussion about the D&D setting Eberron. Are these gnomes familiar enough with Sharn (City of Towers) to avoid the stew? Download: Gnomecast #93 – A Visit to Eberron Follow Jared at @KnightErrant_JR on Twitter, check out his blog What Do I Know?, and...

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Quick & Dirty GMing

Have you ever kind of just been waiting in line to get into the rad nerdy board gaming bar with your friends after playing D&D and the wait-list is like 1-hour long (but you’ve already been waiting for a half-hour so you might as well stick it through) and you think “hey, maybe I...

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Alignment Alternatives

Alignment has been part of role playing pretty much from the get-go. It’s been around so long that it feels baked right in. Modern approaches in gaming have bucked that trend, though. I consider this a good thing as I’ve never liked the cop-out of, “I’m doing it because...

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10 Things I learned about Japanese Tabletalk RPGs

In the wake of the quarantine times, I’ve found many of my IRL games heavily impacted by the inability to actually meet up. I know it comes off a bit unrelated, yes, but in that time I’ve found myself binging on anime and manga and looking to Japan for entertainment. Somehow in the...

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Gnomecast #92 – Terrain!

Join Ang, Chuck, and J.T. for a discussion about making and using terrain in RPGs. These gnomes may be escaping the theater of the mind, but can they also escape the stew? Download: Gnomecast #92 – Terrain! Jared’s Gnome Stew article “Tactical Tokens Review” Variety’s...

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Review: ShadowMyths Decks

This is a rare review for me. I used to do them all the time on another site, but have fallen away from doing them very often. Anyway, today I bring to you the ShadowMyths decks from artist, writer, and gamer, Doug Hoppes. Each deck runs $20.00 retail, and at the time of this writing, it appears...

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Threefold Review

Given how small and confined the world feels these days, I thought it might be appropriate to take a look at an RPG supplement about endless worlds and infinite alternate Earths. Somewhere out there, I’m sure we just skipped 2020! What is this setting full of potential? Today I’m going to look at...

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Emotionally Engaging Players In RPGs

There’s been a lot of ink spilled about the various kinds of players for RPGs and what they get out of playing: the tactician, who enjoys overcoming challenges through clever decision-making on the battlefield. The actor, who thrills in understanding and acting out the motivations of their...

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