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Gnomecast #95 – What I’ve Learned Recently

Join Ang, Jared, and Senda for a discussion about things they’ve learned about themselves and their gaming over the last few months of living in a very different world. Have these gnomes learned enough to avoid the stew? Download: Gnomecast #95 – What I’ve Learned Recently...

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Older Characters

Today is my 47th birthday. That means that in about a week, I’ll be celebrating my 37th year as a role player since I got my first red box set about a week after turning 10. How times flies when you’re having fun, right? At this time last year, I talked about character birthdays and...

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#iHunt: The RPG Review

I’m going to start describing a game. It’s a game set in the modern-day about hunting monsters. It’s based on Fate and adds some widgets to the Fate toolbox. I was not going to be able to stay away from this game for too long. In this review, I’m going to look at #iHunt: The RPG, from Machine Age...

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Interesting Magic Appearances

GM: A red ball of flame hurls through the- Player: Fireball *yawn* GM: A greenish-yellow cloud of smoke appears from- Player: Cloudkill *yawn* GM: A purple arc of negative energy rips toward you from the sorcerer’s fingertips. Player: Eh? What the? I don’t know what the spell is. Run!...

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Planned vs Emergent Backgrounds

I recently started an Icons campaign and was working through character generation, including working on character backgrounds. I find character backgrounds in superhero stories to be very useful for the GM, as it gives you a lot of ideas of the NPCs in the character’s lives as well as how their...

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Imagination as a Magic System

If you’ve read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman you might be aware that many of the fantasy elements of it—such as the gods and myths and legends that dwell between its pages—are made real simply by the fact that those around them believe they’re real. If that made you quirk your eye (as I...

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Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition Review

Today I’m going to approach a daunting task. I’m reviewing the second edition of a product that John reviewed not long before I started writing for Gnome Stew. When I saw that there would be a second edition of the product, I was very excited to get a look at what was inside. If you want more...

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Game Companies Say: Black Lives Matter

Following the widespread protests kicked off by the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed by police while in their custody, a number of tabletop game companies have responded by speaking out against such injustice. In the best cases, they’ve also taken steps to help....

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Gnomecast #94 – Chris Spivey Interview

Join Jared and special guest Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios for a talk about Haunted West, the upcoming second edition of Harlem Unbound, and designing games with marginalized characters in mind. Download: Gnomecast #94 – Chris Spivey Interview Follow Chris at @Darker_Hue on Twitter and...

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