When I launched the Treasure Tables GMing Q&A Forum back in December, I mentioned that it was going to be up for a one-month trial period. As of today, that trial period is officially over — and the forum is here to stay!

In just one month, the GMing Q&A Forum has become a solid resource for GMs, as well as a friendly, informal place to share GMing advice.

To illustrate that, I’ve compiled 72 links to nifty GMing resources from all of the forum threads to date.

I’ve never run a forum before, but I’m thrilled with the level of response that this one has generated. 100+ members, 50+ threads and around 1,000 posts (so far!)– we’ve built up a great community in a very short time.

My goal with Treasure Tables has always been to turn this site into the #1 place to go for GMing resources, and I feel like the forum is a big step in that direction. Here are three reasons why I like it so much:

  • It’s full of sharp, friendly people.
  • The signal to noise ratio is very high.
  • I’ve already learned a lot from it.

Here’s a sample of what the GMing Q&A Forum has to offer: 72 links to GMing resources — things that fellow GMs liked enough to share.

The forum has a lot more to offer than just links, of course, but I thought this would be a good way to showcase one of the simplest ways that GMs can help each other out: By sharing the stuff that helps them.

Resource Links from the GMing Q&A Forum

Adventure Ideas

The 36 plots

Character Sheets

Ema’s sheets (d20)
Mad Irishman
RoleMaster sheet (Aki Heikkinen) (PDF, RoleMaster)
RoleMaster sheet (Roy Altman) (ZIP, RoleMaster)
sunrainstudios.com (D&D)


drow’s random dungeon generator
PCGen (d20)
Seventh Sanctum

GMing Tools

Alea Tools magnetic stackable markers
Corpse obstacle cards (PDF, d20)
reedu21’s Excel tracking sheets


Campaign Cartographer 2
Dundjinni forums
Free Online Graph Paper
MERP maps
Tact-Tiles (don’t miss the TT review of Tact-Tiles)

Minis and Counters

Adjustable utlity boxes (for minis/counters)
Fiery Dragon counters
Games Workshop miniatures
Organizer pack (for minis/counters)
Rackham’s Confrontation miniatures
Reaper Miniatures


Casebook: Jack the Ripper
d20 encounter EL & XP calculator (d20)
d20SRD.org (d20)
Llewellyn’s Web Tarot
Proxemics info
Social group theory


Diablo II soundtrack
Michikawa’s ambient soundtracks
Live365: In Dark Faith Eternal
Live365: DJ shugazr


Inspire Character Generator software

Online Play

Bones dice roller (Mac)
DicePro (Palm)
Fantasy Grounds

Organizational Tools

Circus Ponies Notebook (Mac)
CrystalBall (Mac)
DM Genie (D&D)
ETools (d20)
Infomapping (PDF)
Infomapping notes (PDF)
Infomapping software
Initiative cards (d20)
The Journal
KeyNote (Mac) (PC version also available)
Magazine boxes
3eProfiler (D&D)
TreeDB software


Lonely Planet
The Luminous Landscape
National Geographic


Hanayama cast metal puzzles
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society fonts
Tips on making props
World of Darkness fonts


Free wiki hosts

There are too many links here to credit all of the GMs over in the forum who provided them — instead, let me say a big thank you to the TT forum community as a whole: thank you!