As of this evening, all Focal Point preorders and contributor copies have been shipped out.

We sold 114 preorder copies, plus a fair number of back catalog titles, in all. Thank you to everyone who preordered!

Time to pack and label books: 6 hours, 30 minutes
Time at post office: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Total shipping cost: $729.33
Length of USPS receipt: See below

What happens next?

First, a bit of context. Over the past few weeks I’ve worked full time, put in an additional 100-125 hours of packing and cleaning to prep for a move to Seattle, started a new job, and run this preorder. Consequently, I’m woefully behind on things like updating the Engine Publishing website, reopening the online store, and the like. Woefully, woefully behind.

What next, you ask?

  • I’ll be setting the Engine Publishing store up again, with automatic download fulfillment and without shipping to the EU
  • That will include making Focal Point generally available, both in print and digital (and in at least one discounted bundle)
  • I’ll also upload Focal Point to DriveThruRPG and elsewhere

My book asploded!

If I messed something up with your preorder, please let me know: martin enginepublishing com. I apologize, and I’ll make it right.

I triple-check everything as I assemble packages, but mistakes still sneak through occasionally.

Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone who preordered Focal Point!