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Troy’s Crock Pot: Summer Delights

I’m kicking back during a few days of summer vacation. As I sit by my backyard firepit, I was thinking of gaming-related things I’ve been enjoying that I thought I would share. Here they are: Pathfinder Legends I pride myself on staying current on gaming items in the d20 sphere, but I was unaware...

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Hands On With Hero Forge

Quite some time back, I did an interview with some of the people behind Hero Forge, a very successful kickstarter that funded the creation of a website and printing solution for creating custom miniatures. Playing many games that have characters that don’t fit standard molds, the concept intrigued...

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Review: Automagic Tiles (Pre-Release Version)

Ralph Clark from Ingression Point asked me if I’d be up for reviewing a pre-release set of his company’s dry-erase Automagic Tiles, which are currently being funded through Kickstarter. I’m a fan of dry-erase tiles for tactical mapping, so I said yes; a package of tiles arrived a...

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Video Gnoment – 3D Mapping On The Fly

  I find that a great amount of immersion can be gained by introducing some kind of 3D mapping element to the game. In this video, I talk about a few cheap and simple 3D mapping options that you can use to build maps on the fly. Since not everyone can check out a video at work or on their...

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Not Just a Token Gift…

Seasons greetings and happy holidays to all this fine Christmas Day! To show our appreciation to you, our dear readers, we Gnomes are giving you a gift for being such dedicated devourers of the stew! Here is our gift to you. Enjoy! What did I get? What did I get? Your gift is a zip file with the...

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