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The Host: the Forgotten Leader

I was reading Phil’s article when it occurred to me that there was one “leader” missing in his analysis: the Host. The Host wields a lot of power at the gaming table and she isn’t necessarily the Game Master; heck, she may not even be a player. The Host is simply the person...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: It’s OK to join the party

If you’re the GM, you accept the fact that you are the monster guy. It’s your pleasure and privilege to bring to life the bad guys in your world. Invariably, though, the pace of the game can rob you of that fun — portraying evildoers, that is. You are the devious designer of hundreds...

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“Justify It”

At the beginning of my last game session I asked my players if any of them spent their experience points (this for WitchCraft, if it matters).  Only one of them did, and he announced that he’d spent some points on improving his Martial Arts. That’s when I threw him a curve ball. I...

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From Con to Con: 2009 edition

Last year I wrote a series of articles on my experiences from Gen Con 2007 and 2008, focusing on my prepping to be a GM. This year was a bit different, as I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to go so I made no GMing plans. That left me with a lot of time to play, so play I did! While I had...

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The Perfect GM?

Fang asks, What Makes the Perfect Gamemaster?. It is having fascinating world, scenarios and characters? Being able improvise, but not railroad? Perhaps if one lets players act whenever / however they like? I’m a big proponent for keeps things moving; is that it? Maybe a perfect gamemaster can...

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