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Who Are You Trying to Impress?

Two quick stories: My wife watches a fair amount of "redecorating television," and I’ll admit to being sucked into a show or two. One of the recurring plots of this type of show involves designers who do not listen to the clients. Instead, they often decorate to impress other...

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Hot Button – Player Responsibilities?

I’ve recently completed a move to Mississippi and I have two new groups of players in two very different games. I’m running a very new player friendly game for some people who are unfamiliar with role-playing in general, and I’m running a somewhat advanced game with a mix of...

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Would You Like to Phone a Friend?

Or, The Saga of UFO Joe Situation Skipping as much of the stereotypical “in my campaign” braggadocio as possible, I had an unusual NPC in my 1980s monster hunter campaign. He would regularly call in to Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast AM” radio show under different names, but always had a frighteningly...

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Getting Feedback From Your Players

Over at the Suggestion Pot, Gnome Stew reader and high-level Cleric BishopOfBattle cast Divination (or maybe it was Find the Path; I’ve taken too many negative levels in d20 to be an expert). Anyway, he asked: How do the Gnomes go about getting better player feedback? Often articles mention...

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Know Your Enemy

It’s easy to see a role-playing game as a one-way street; the flow of information is generally from GM to players. But the GM should also be collecting information on his players and their characters. If you’re paying attention to your players, you can really make the game fun for them. After all,...

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Hot Button: Language, The Common Denominator?

One issue that comes up at the start of every campaign, at least in my group, is whether everyone speaks a common language or not. Sometimes we talk about whether the game setting should even have one? Something that acts as a lingua-franca, a widely spread language shared by many people...

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Skype At The Game Table: A Primer

For many of us older gamers, we have gamed with various groups during our gaming careers, and have moved from one location to another. We would love to game again with some of our friends who are now hundreds of miles away. With the birth of the Internet, we have clamored for a solution that would...

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Recipe for Fudge, part 3: Lessons Learned

Fudge: The gift that keeps on giving. Or at least keeps on producing articles and tangential discussion in the comments… This is part three of my probably over-wrought, and certainly drawn-out series on fudging, based entirely on my own experience and opinions. The other parts can be found here...

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Recipe for Fudge, part 2: Fallout

Don’t you just hate it when your fudge falls out? This is a continuation of Wednesday’s article on fudging. In that article, the events that led up to the fudging, my rationale for doing so, and the actual fudging was laid out. This article covers the reaction from my players, and possible...

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