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Story Forge – Test Drive

I am madly in love with Kickstarter, and have been backing a number of projects since I discovered it last year. Earlier this year, I backed a very interesting project called Story Forge; a tarot-like set of cards for creating plot ideas and character backgrounds (genius!). This week, I got my...

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You Asked for Player Input for a Reason

Years ago I played in a game where the GM asked us to help creating the area around our starting town. We brainstormed landmarks, terrain types, enemies, allies, secret societies, and treasures. Sure, our starting area was a little rough, but it was full of cool stuff, and everyone had at least a...

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The Three Motivators: A Character-Building Tool

There are many ways to build a good character, but one aspect that often gets overlooked — or conversely, over-worked — is motivations. If you know what motivates a character — PC or NPC — you can extrapolate a lot of other things on the fly. The trick is not to make your...

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Anatomy of 20 Questions

Hi. I am away at GenCon, but I wanted to leave you with something to talk about while I am gone. I will check the comments as soon as I can, but I trust you can keep the conversation going in my absence…. One great inspiration for me as a GM was reading, Amber: Diceless Roleplaying. Of the...

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Emerging Complexity for GMs: It Rocks for NPCs

It took me some time to get used to the idea of emerging complexity for player character backgrounds and roleplaying elements (which I wrote about in its own article, Player Characters: Emerging Complexity is A-OK), but the concept is one I’ve always embraced as a GM. In this context,...

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Hi, I’m Magesto. Let’s go kill some kobolds!

Raistlin50201 has a good question: How do you get your player to meet the first time? I have been in a few dozen campaigns myself and am GMing one. In most that I played, I was in military situations so we were just ordered together as a unit. I also often hear of the classic “You meet in a tavern...

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