Gnome Stew Policies

Comment Policy

By commenting on Gnome Stew, you assert your acceptance of our comment policy:

1. Don’t be an asshole. Use common courtesy and don’t make personal attacks. Within reason, swearing is fine. If we, the authors, think you’re being an asshole, you’ll be banned from posting here and any comments we deem unfit will be removed.

2. Gnome Stew and the individual authors here are free to quote your comments in published material (like books and magazine articles), with full credit given to you but without compensation. Attribution will be made to the name you use to post here.

3. To prevent spam account registrations, new accounts that have not made a comment within 10 days are automatically deleted.

Social Promotion & Review Policy

Gnome Stew has a strong social media presence, and we want to use that, and the blog, to talk about interesting things in the gaming industry. If you are involved with a project that you want to promote over Gnome Stew’s social media or ask us to look at and talk about, send it to us through the contact form and we will consider posting it. Here are some tips to catch our attention.

  • Talk to us and give us a reason to find it is interesting. Sending your press release for your latest kickstarter is fine, but the more generic it is the more likely we are to ignore it.
  • What’s the relevance to Gamers? We all find different things cool, but think through why this is not just self-promotion and what makes it cool to talk about. Of course it’s promotion, but let’s make it thoughtful promotion.
  • We’re going to say no to anything non-tabletop role-playing gaming industry related. So, casino sites, video games, sports, or other geekery without a tabletop role-playing game connection is probably going to be a no.
  • We’re also going to say no to promoting anything that slips into chainmail bikini territory or that is offensive or distasteful. What’s offensive or distasteful? It depends, but if it isn’t respectful of people or their basic rights, it’s not going to happen.


  • Any product we choose to review, we will do so fairly and without bias.
  • We will provide a disclaimer at the beginning of a review if we have received promotional copies or not.
  • We reserve the right to not review a product for any reason.
  • We may use images from products we review, or pictures of products we review, to showcase the visual elements of the product.
  • Alongside reviews, we may give away review products or extra copies of review products in a contest. Any person commenting on the article or any supporter of our patreon may be entered in the contest.


Code of Conduct

Gnome Stew is a member of the GEM (Gnome Stew, Encoded Designs, Misdirected Mark) collective, and as such subscribes and follows the Code of Conduct for all GEM members.

This Code of Conduct is housed on the Misdirected Mark website (here).

Safety Committee

As part of the Code of Conduct, Gnome Stew has a 3-person Safety Committee to respond to and act upon any allegations of misconduct by any member of Gnome Stew.

The current members of the Safety Committee are:

  • Angela Murray
  • Jared Rascher
  • J.T. Evans

Report an Incident

The following Google Form is used to file a complaint with the Safety Committee: Incident Form

Follow the directions on the form and if you wish to be contacted, a member of the Safety Committee will reach out to you to follow up.