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A Sampling of Actual-Play RPG Podcasts

Today’s guest article is a follow up to our sampling of podcasts article. Keith Garrett stepped into the guest gnome hat (we should really clean that thing after each use) and did a sampling of actual play podcasts! Check it out below! – Head Gnome John A while back we talked about...

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Esoteric Gaming Jargon

In our hobby and industry, there are quite a few terms of jargon tossed about. Not all of them are specific or unique to tabletop gaming, but for enough of them we gamers have our own definitions. SomeoneStor new to RPGs might need a little guidance on understanding what we’re saying when we...

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Gnomecast #46 – Gen Con 2018

Join Head Gnome John for a series of short interviews with attendees at Gen Con 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Settle in for a bonus-sized episode! Download: Gen Con 2018 The interviews in this episode include: A quick chat with long-time Gen Con attendee Lorraine and also local bartender Jameson,...

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Genre As A Tool For Meaning

Genre is a powerful tool. Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi, Historical Fiction, Anime… the definition of genre is broad and wiggly, but no matter how you’re defining it genre plays an interesting roll in how we tell our stories. While present in all media, genre is specifically a focus of...

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Troy’s Crock Pot: World building — Homeland

Our summer world-building exercise keeps zeroing in. We started with a broad overview, grabbing a continent and carving up land areas into nations. Now we’re ready to sketch out the PCs’ homeland. I’m selecting the territory in the center map, the one at the heart of the peninsula with a river...

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Dusk City Outlaws Review

I think the heist story may occupy a special place in my gamer heart as a tale I greatly enjoyed in media such as television and movies, and yet wasn’t high on my list of adventures to attempt to emulate in tabletop gaming. When I was a fledgling gamer, a lot of cyberpunk and espionage games were...

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Gnome Stew Notables – Lucian Kahn

Welcome to the next installment of our Gnome Spotlight: Notables series. The notables series is a look at game developers in the gaming industry doing good work. The series will focus on game creators from underrepresented populations primarily, and each entry will be a short bio and interview....

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Change Your Campaign With Grace

Summer. It’s that time of the year, where publishers launch new games during the major gaming conventions. With all sorts of new games hitting the market, we gobble them up, anxious to get them to the table. The problem is we already have a game we are playing. And so comes the age-old conundrum...

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